Reviews for "Kheni - loop1"

This Golden Image...

It sounds like a really quirky-yet-sinister theme. I can just see a villain of somesort with a talent for painting hanging upside-down on a railing by their knees painting on a canvas hoping that means the paint will run upwards on the picture for the effect they want.

Something extremely weird and absurd. :D

Kimken responds:

haha. That was strong.



This song definitely creates a certain creepy, ominous atmosphere. It reminds me of the background music for the castle stages in Yoshi's Island. Really well done!

Wow, quirky song.

Reminds me a lot of something out of Banjo Kazooie or DK64 or something. Very creepy, but at the same time not really that scary.

Pretty good

So you composed this on your cell??? How?? O_o Good job though.

Kimken responds:

Just composed the basic melody on my cellphone, and when I listened to it later, I'd recall everything else I thought about earlier.


I'm A GHOST!!!!! ha loved this

Kimken responds:

Hahah :D