Reviews for "Kheni - loop1"

it's great lol

it's funny umm might use it as a ring toon for my phone lolz

This Golden Image...

It sounds like a really quirky-yet-sinister theme. I can just see a villain of somesort with a talent for painting hanging upside-down on a railing by their knees painting on a canvas hoping that means the paint will run upwards on the picture for the effect they want.

Something extremely weird and absurd. :D

Kimken responds:

haha. That was strong.


Yay it sounds more like plot-things :D

Can't get enough of plot-things. The only thing I don't like is the string-pulling or whatever happened at the second half of the song, but thats only because thats not my style. Oh yeah, this suddenly reminded me of warcraft II.

Even though it has no music like this x.x

Kimken responds:

I had secont thoughts 'bout that short part.. But decided to leave it. I'll change it when I have time, maybe in a month or so :|