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Reviews for "Pink Knight"

I made Pinky here GOD on my playthrough.

Really nice detail

So this was some very nice detail especially with the shine you had on here like the arms and the hell I did think a little extra would be nice maybe a sparkle off the corner part of the helmet and I would ad some eyes in the background like there's on Lookers now these are just sugestuve ideas but something to think about anyways nice work here really nice pink Knight you have here

A few suggested ideas


I still can't tell if the Pink Knight is A gay male or a female. But if its a girl, wouldn't she be a lesbian for kissing those Princesses. But Still a really good Pink Knight Portrait.

big smile i like castle crashers

I remember playing the pink knight game here. In fact, I think that may have actually been the first time I ever heard of the Castle Crashers. Anyway, it's great to see such nice colorization being put to this. From the game I played, I thought the pink knight was female. This looks a lot like a male to me. I guess that's where you lost some points.

I couldn't help but think there's something dirty about this. I can't quite put my finger on it, wait does that sound dirty too? I thought the pink knight was going to take on more of the role of the person being squeezed. I guess it's great to have strong women, if that even is a woman. The hearts are a nice touch too.