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Reviews for "CTF3 beginning"

There wouldn't be a CTF without fans like you.

Wolfblitz, hearing you mock my flash series is an honour :) From day one, I've been saying that I can't wait to be parodied. It seems you're the first to the game and this is funny! It just puts a big smile on my face. These projects revolve around people who support it and having voice actors like Corey Holland willing to put in time to do this and having fans like you is really what drives me. It's almost 3 am but fuck it. It's time for more animating.

I promise CTF3 will come out within the next two of months! As for your ingrown toenail though, no promises.

WolfBlitz2 responds:

glad you like it
If only i could make it into a flash cartoon it would be awesome
mock? that is a bit harsh, i think "knocking it" is better from my viewpoint
yeah mystic put up with me
he was the only one calm in this thing
looks like I have place some morale into you :P
it would best to rest the weary eyes
rember: it is not just fans that make the CTF it is the eyes of the beholder that makes it
you take your time in the work ok?
as for the toe nail I expect it to be better by CTF 4 XD


so great.
I can't wait for CTF3!!
good luck with the toenail.

WolfBlitz2 responds:

yeah neither can I
maybe we'll find out about it in the end of the episode XD


i only just watched CTF ep 1 & 2 (it's really good btw aeon)
this is funny, you have a good voice, did you do ALL those voices? or get others?

WolfBlitz2 responds:

Evans voice was done by mystic
I was the narrator in this


This was pretty funny and is probably the first capture the flag parody i have ever seen. Well since this is in the audio i guess i can not say that it was heard not seen but nonetheless it was funny and a parody. I think that you should get a better mic though because it does not matter how good your tone is if you mic sucks. Well anyway this was good. 9/10 because it has some improvement room. P.S. Can not wait for capture the flag 3.

WolfBlitz2 responds:

Thank you very much your comment is very helpful
yeah I would like to get a better mic
but I'll just have to stick with what i got at the moment
I think it will have to stay "heard but never seen", it willbe the echo that flows with the wind...
this will always need improvments, but i am happy with it as is
this was quite hard to do from my viewpoint
now all we have to do now is wait for episode three


WHOA!? Crazyness man! This is pretty damn funny, i can't really say anything more then that! Keep it up!


WolfBlitz2 responds:

thanks man
your words of wisdom is always helpful