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Reviews for "fantastic fun show rrpt5"


You made me splooge myself! AGAIN!

you never answered if you would marry me or not :(

You never call anymore.

mortimernova responds:

baby, i never meant to hurt you... you mean so much to me... with yo' fine booty and all... but i can't marry you unless i knock you up...

Almost cracked a smile

The Hey Ya Sock dance was cool, but making fun of the chinese, not so cool.
(Please don't sent me somthing saying you weren't making fun of the chinese)

mortimernova responds:

i would never... we really were making fun of the chinese! with their pointy hats, and their beady eyes, and their little feet and their cat gargamel and always trying to catch smurfs... umm, whats a "chinese" again?

Another instant classic!

This is another review movie, same concept, same execution. But it's SO DAMN FUNNY. There's great sublime humor, and the characters, as always, are awesome. The movie even has a rather funny parody too. There's plenty of inside-joke humor to go around as well. I'm proud to be the inspiration for this series :) :stamp of approval:

mortimernova responds:

stamp of approval? is that some kind of hip slang for drugs?!? are you selling drugs in your review?!?!


can you get any blow?