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Reviews for "fantastic fun show rrpt5"

Another awesome flash...

well not exactly a flash but whatever, nice music video! lol


Oh this is so good!
I mean it just hands, who knew sock puppets could be so god damn inventive and funny!
Please keep doin the stuff you do.

mortimernova responds:

these sock puppets weren't inventive... we have a team of sock puppet writers that come up with all the material... these sock puppets are just actors...

Haha, this was great

I like this one the best so far, it was the greatest. You guys are hilarious, and handgivitis? Classic...and that song at the end was great, you guys did a good remake on that. Keep making these, and I will keep giving you the good reviews.

mortimernova responds:

remake?!? i wrote that song and outkast stole it from me! i'll get you adre3000! i'll get you good!


hehe,just as good as usuall,coninue making these!They are just as good as usuall.Im looking forward to the next one,btw,the song at the end was really awsome!Btw,keep working on a preloader!heh.

mortimernova responds:

aye aye cap'n! i think i've finally created a preloader that works and discovered why my past ones were not...

cooler than cool

me like !!

mortimernova responds:

i don't know how you get to keep reviewing our portal submissions...