Reviews for "KTR: Gonna Make Ya' Move"


Pretty exellent, but as everybody was sayin´, the opening doesn´t sound pretty good, but until 00:44

Changes completely, I litke the rythm and, the feeling, Man I´m impressed, for this one,
You are the change from this kinda"""

Greets for this one DUDE!!!

A confidence booster...

Josh was right when he said you have talent on your own... I wasn't expecting this though. The song on whole just works enough said really. The only downside i saw was the ending... after listening to the song get more and more intense i was expecting a HUGE finale, but was sadly let down. Other than that the song in my eyes and non bleeding ears is perfect. great job.

and now the catchy tune will be caught in my head for days.

KTRECORDS responds:

I've been thinkin about changing the ending, since that seems to be the part that gets the most complaints from my friends. I;m still picking at it, so maybe that'll be my next step. You are more than welcome to use this in your rpg project if you'd like. just let me know and I will see if I can cut it down to whatever size u need.



Yeah.. so, I totally didn't think the intro was too long or whatever. I'm extremely impressed with this song. I think it's awesome and it flows well. Incredible job :)

Cool dude

I have to agree with A new decade, the Intro is a tad long.

I do like the bell though, reminds me of Mario 64 :D

Good use of your synths with the harmonies and melodies, they were nice! The kick on the percussion could have been turned up a notch, not too loud because I understand you werent going for a heavy kick, but just a tad because right now it almost just sounds like a snare.

I do find myself humming harmonies along to the pad, that alone deserves something :D Not something I do often.

Anyways, nice work here.



Didn't really like the intro or the synths you used,
but the song was well structured and had good melodies.

-a new decade
(check out my tracks)

KTRECORDS responds:

Sounds fair to me. I'm glad u liked the structure. I messed with different options on the instruments, but I couldn't really find anything else that fit what I was going for. Who knows... maybe something will come up though! I'm still tweaking here and there and there is still things I want to fix, so maybe the next version will be more to your liking.
Thanks for the feedback!