Reviews for "KTR: Gonna Make Ya' Move"


just can't get the main melody out of my head - way to go ^.^

its great, or is it

ya its pretty good, but for a dance song its kinda weak sauce. But as a song its still good

pretty cool=)

the opening was very cool, cool fading in and out effect:) when you added that arpegiator bass sound and very cool opening drums you caught me! and the melody was incredibly catchy ;-)

thats what i like about this song, good and original drums and very cool effect meshed up with some very good melody, good job man:D

come check me out if you want to ;-)



awsome exept for the opening that sucked but everyting else was awsome. im giving you a nine becouse of shitty opening.

ITs good

I really cant think of anything that could improve it. mebe EQ the instrument that comes in at 1:22 to be a little more in the bass of things. It sounds good and in excellent key, but the EQ makes it just a little hurtie to the ears. But not to the degree that it docks you points. This song is really awesome. Love the energy of it. Keep making music!