Reviews for "KOROSU- the black samurai"


this is one of the best i ever seen.But the voice suck!the action is good and when the conclusion is gonna come.


Man, those people who try to think of ANY little thing wrong about movies really annoy me. Anyway, I don't really know everything about animation, but after i took a computer animation class, frame by frame sounds pretty hard to me, but you pulled it off. Deserves to be on the front.


I cant wait to see the coclusion :)

That's the way you do it

That was some quality work. Amazing background anaimation, the moon and fog was just gorgeous, and the badass main character had some pretty freakin sweet moves. Also, great sound quality. That music was very fitting.

I can't wait for the next one; stupid 'to be concluded' messages.

Awesome work!


Very fluid animation... more stuff on Newgrounds needs to be like this. Get away from stick animation, get away from "anime" stills for animation, and actually make your characters move just like this! Loved it! Keep it up!