Reviews for "KOROSU- the black samurai"

That was good!!

I do flash miselfand i try to do fbf people but i can only do white because how the hell do you manage to fill every frame as you do it with colour. I mean obviously the frame doesn't all change at the same time but when it does you have to fill it in and there was a lot of colour and hi framerate. this must have taken ages, Im in a good mood now

not bad :P

good but loads a looooooooooooong time


all that gay for them to rip off shirts?!

really nice

The flash is fast and harmonises perfect with the music. Great work, wait for more!"

Nice submission

You have good frame by frame skills. The motion of the character makes the movie exciting. Altough your characters are a bit choppy drawn when compared to the backgrounds. Your voices could be a bit better. The intro(silver fade) doesn't fit. You must work on the smoothness of your character, because it seems as if the backgrounds and the characters were made by different individuals. Your characters lips follow a certain pattern. It's too noticable. I've read in the credits u used photoshop. I guess you only used it on your backgrounds. When making something finish it of. This is what costs you style points

Overall a good submission BUT:

-Work on the character(make it smoother)
-Work on the voices, they need to be a bit more clear.
-Work on your lipsincing.

7/10 - 3/5