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Reviews for "Yun - Elevator Music"

I would

be pissed if i herd this in an elevator.. its realy good tho. sounds like samash mouth if they went underground. 5'd fav'd your just a gee. that saxaphone wreked you smoke alot of pot i can tell! =].


Good beat but where you find an elevator with that music cause damm I would like to get in it LOL...nice... :D

Fela Kuti!

but, do you know Fela Kuti yea?
this remeber me so much him...
to be more exact this music:
Gentleman - Fela Kuti
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ykpwr 8K3M4

Either a misleading title or ...

Or I've been riding the wrong elevators in life. Do you know how pumped I would be jumping out of one playing this? I'd never want to leave one. I'd spend my lunch break in one... okay that last sentence was a bit much. But still, epic beat.

i like it again