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Reviews for "Rusty Rasp"


Maybe stick in something like a heavier beat or maybe a countermelody (or whatever the hell they call those things) to help make the song a little less monotonous.


This sounds like some music you could here at any club in the hood! I'm gonna download it now!

P.S. I know this isn't the same audio, but excellent work on Madness Antipathy.

Awesome man.

Very nice sounding. Very awesome never ending loop. Reminds me a lot of the Sci-Fi level in the first Timesplitters, like to the extreme. Very nostalgic.

Nice job.


It was a great track, but the drums could have been more prominent and it would have been a perfect song. Overall I really liked this one.

apimusic responds:

Thanks for the awesome review.


But it sounds like it's just about to kick off before it finishes. I think it needs a stronger beat or bassline or something.