Reviews for "Knock Knock"

I think I'm gonna barf...

So disgusting, and vivid it was funny. 'Nuff said.

EWWWW thats sick

Dude i think u have a obsestion of guys making out u gay basterd!!!

Funny thow!

I like your other work better

Usually your stuff is really funny and then throws gay randomness in to make it hilarious. This was just gay. Maybe if...i...i dont know. But keep em comin. haha

I didnt like it.

It made me feel gay watching it.. like watching gay porn or sumthing....

I hate u so much

why Marc? Why? why do u do such things like this. I am not a homophobe but this is just too stupid. If I see anymore of your videos with more penises and handjobs than humor I will kick a puppy.