Reviews for "Knock Knock"

It could of been funny if he was more imaginative.

There is absolutely nothing funny, about constantely talking about a mans private part. its most certain that you, may i say; appreciate that kind of stuff! and it's cool, if that's what your in to. But when doing flash animation cartoons you want to reach a wide scale audiance. Plus most perfer the don't ask won't tell policy when it comes to let say non-hetero preference & for Godsake do you have to scream it out in every cartoon you made. leave something for the imagination. Peace!

the original.

genuine class.

pretty gross

i dont like those kinds of animations i sorta thought it was funny but i wanna be fair and ill rate it everything full

Absolute Genius.

Nicely paced, and overall fucking funny.


I absolutely love your sense of humor. The animation was simple and quick and that only highlighted what, weird, sick joke you had to tell.

Great work :D