Reviews for "6 more dead babie uses"

once again hilarious

I really liked the skateboard and crotch warmer, nice job with the second part


i think ive talked to u on aol before..if not then some one musta seen this and thought to repeat it to sound like their original the fucking dunce he was. i love it, its like a blood soaked wet dream come true.

im scard 2 have children now

helllp meeee aaaaaaaaaaaaa

I love dead baby jokes

To all of you giving bad reveiws because it made your lil belly sick: STFU YOU WATCHED IT, YOU KNEW WAT THE TITLE SAID, YOU KNEW WAT YOU WERE IN FOR! Stop being a bunch of hypocritical babies (heh heh) and suck it up. Nice job dude, keep it up.

Q: Whats red, 12" long, crawls up a woman's leg, and makes her scream?
A: A homesick abortion.


funnist thing ive ever seen keep on making more!