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Reviews for "fantastic fun show rrpt4"

Very funny

These rock man, i enjoy them. Good humor, and no stupid sprites or characters draw with paintbrush outlines. People who talk shit about your fine work, feel free to take shots of my urine!

mortimernova responds:

thank you, i'm glad you noticed the lack of sprite... we drink mountain dew...


The only thing sock puppets are good for is giving you athlete's hand.
eeew! fungus!!

-Sr Calina del Carne deVaca

mortimernova responds:

athletes hand? ohhhh so that's what that is... i thought it was handgivitis...

not bad

at first it looked a little cheesy, but then it was still cheesy. it was Pretty funny. I like it a lot.

mortimernova responds:

we aim to cheese


awesome addition to your series. i can't wait to see a 5th. i hope its in the works or being thought of.

mortimernova responds:

well, there won't be a 5th on this particular group of reader reviews... each time we come out with 3 new episodes of the fantastic fun show, we'll go through the reviews, find the 4 best and make the reader reviews from there...

Where's the funny?

Dude, it was ok, just make it in flash, not import a movie.

mortimernova responds:

i guess i could draw sock puppets... but then they wouldn't be puppets... which would make them cartoons... which wouldn't be a puppet show at all? this formula can all be summed up in 1+1=(not a sock puppet)*n/2(n-3)