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Reviews for "The Summoning (orchestral)"

A picture in the mind...

...A race against time as the dark hero struggles against even darker powers and insurmountable odds, an ancient evil preparing to step into the world of mortals as the battle rages. Will the hero prevent this cataclysm, or will the sands of time be their undoing?

So much EPIX it hurts XD I have no doubt at all that someone will soon use this in one of their works, or some roving producer will take notice of the quality and offer something even more. Best of luck, you've got the talent to go far!


THis song screams epicness (if thats even a word) and i feel i am at the place where a huge epic boss is being summoned and i'm like, oh shit. Nice piece of work 10/10

i dont know

I dont know what it is....
Maybe the dimmu borgir refference, but this song isnt a copy so people stop giving low ratings because of similarity. If every vote were like that, parodies would not be the pinacle of comedy on newgrounds :P

Great song tho!

1 good part

The only good part is the part that is pretty much coped from Dimmu Borgir's Progenies of the Great Apocalypse.

Devastus responds:


it's ok but....

the instruments are exelent put they have a bad sync. and thy lay all instruments all the time...at some parts mute some instrument and give to the song a better solo

keep working

Devastus responds:

I agree it's got some stuff to make better. But since it's an old song now and I've got a new orchestral metal song there coming, I'll try to do better what I didn't do here with it :P

Thank you for your review.