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Reviews for "The Summoning (orchestral)"


I thought the axiom was "Always END with a bang." Ya got it backwards dude!!! LOL just messin. Epic as hell dude.

What the HELL is this doing on Newgrounds?!

I've found some gems on Newgrounds but more often than not its more a beginners testing ground, and much of the music reflects that.

But FUCKING HELL, I never expected to find something this epic! This could be epic music in films, games, anything - if this is the kind of work you do on a regular basis, you will go FAR in life if you turn to composing professionally.

Faved, top rated, downloaded. That is all.

Holy jesus

man, nearly s**t my pants when this started! ha, anyways i think this is really good. Especially when the guitar kicks in. Good job, 5/5 10/10

Perfect for a Movie soundtrack...

It felt there were certain middle-Eastern ethnic elements in the midst of this track. I liked that.

Even better, I liked how your brass/woodwinds (correct me if I'm wrong) with the guitar seemed oh so appropriate for a thriller/horror movie. It made me think of films like the Final Destination series- with Shirley Walker's compositions.


I saw someone say that with vocals this would equal dimmu, i cant say i aggree, because i truly beleive your vocals BEAT those of dimmu. When you and TBOB start growling together, its simply incredible. With the dark epic feeling behind this song...this would be even more insanely good.