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Reviews for "WAKA LAKA LAKA!!!"


I thought it was fun and entertaining enough, I don't see what some of these assholes' problems are, don't listen to em.

Keep it up!


waka laka is a ddr song (dance dance revolution) and its about drugs, so the vid had nuttin to do with it but I'm giving it a high score cause i love the song :D

Heh ^^;

Hi there, this is Saffya from Team 17. Just thought you might like to know that I sat and watched this and I happen to like it (mostly the music - I LOVE DDR). So much randomness (I mean, Tigger on drugs LOL) is about all I can say really to be honest, but I have enjoyed it.

Keep it up! ;D

MonkeyforaHead responds:

Hey, didn't know you had an NG profile. Boy, I really should check my reviews a little more often. As for the Tigger on drugs part, that came to mind because if you listen carefully at that point in the tune, there's a barely-audible little hooting laugh in the background that sounds rather like him. :p


I love the ddr song and this video is AMAZING. the only reason I gave it a 7 was because the randomness wasnt all that funny, and u kinda went a little ovrboard with the FLASHING COLORS in the beggining.

MonkeyforaHead responds:

If you think the flashing colours were irritating in this, just wait'll you see some of my 30-FPS work.

I love DDR flashes.

Man, we need a collection for this.