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Reviews for "WAKA LAKA LAKA!!!"

Damn catchy song...

Animutated is a good thing indeed :). Neil would be proud! Even had Colin Mochry! I think for what you were doing this turned out well. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Not bad, not bad at all

So stupid, it's funny. Doesn't make sense but it's not supposed to. (I think.)

And nice use of the bda tipiing 2 shwo stoopidty!!!11oneone. It's people like those I wish would hit a bomb and blow up.


this was great. i totally love animutations and most of the new stuff i see here is crap. this was too(no offense) but it was the good kind. all animutations are some form of crap and yours was completely awesome. keep up the good work. try sending it to www.eviltrailmix.com


I like the animation, and the fact that I had NO idea what was going on! Plus I like that you added DDR music!

Song Kicks @$$

All I Have To Say is the following...
I love the song but, the fanimutation needs work
maybe some cool quirky pictures like Neil Cicerega's work