Reviews for "DK64- Sm@shed Monkey"


You are a VERY talented person,I love your music! keep up the great work!

HouseMasta responds:

Vote for my music too! i need more votes! thanks for your review Thunder_Shock!

10 TEN 10

10! This is cool!looc si sihT !01

HouseMasta responds:

thanks for the 10!!!


10 Stars You Rule Period! *Gives Cookie* ^^


Gonna go play that sometime...
Remember when I totally rocked my buddies some years ago... ^^


i was browsing through the VG music, and i just couldn't pass up a DK64 song. This song is so good, my ears didn't bleed...in fact, it made my hearing so acute, I can hear Shigeru Miyamoto discussing selling DK to Microsoft :(...SHIGGY, HOW COULD YOU!

HouseMasta responds:

lol wot?