Reviews for "DK64- Sm@shed Monkey"

Another masterpiece!

keep going me i vote 5 at evry sound! :D

your #1 fan zupersonic

HouseMasta responds:

haha thanks a bunch man!

another masterpiece well done

cool remix... very awsome (like nearly all of your audio submissions) liked it how that it started out slow then sped up

HouseMasta responds:

thanks for the 10!

astounding and astonishing... need i say more?

i thought it was so cool how you ressurrected my used-to-be-good-feelings about donkey kong 64! it brings back good memories, and like you said.... it was really catchy! keep up the awesome music dude! it would be a shame if you left that talent to waste!

HouseMasta responds:

thanks for your review devilcry110! im glad you enjoyed this song - and i will keep up the music, so i hope you stop back often!


You are a VERY talented person,I love your music! keep up the great work!

HouseMasta responds:

Vote for my music too! i need more votes! thanks for your review Thunder_Shock!