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Reviews for "Reginald"

my god

such poise. this makes me want to cry

He likes the finer things...

Like caviar, monocles, top hats, archery, yachts, antiques, philosophy, philanthropy, mythology, and words with fancy accent markings.

Did you paint this on wood? Otherwise the wood background is awesome. Also you captured the antlers perfectly

I thought this was going to be ironic.

If you were to make a larger version of this, may I suggest that Reginald be in a fancy setting preferably by a fireplace with a few human heads mounted on his wall. That's what I imagined was going to happen when I saw this.
Whether you take my suggestion or not, I just loved seeing this artwork. Reginald is also a very creative name to come up with.

shebitmefirst responds:

mm... thought about the human head thing. Took it in a slightly more comedic and obvious direction than I had wanted. i had hoped his attitude would say enough on its own.

oh my reginald

i say reginald what type of tabacco di you put in to this pipe, it seems that you have obtained a deer head perhaps by some sort of arcanic confusion

on the other hand you look rather dashing

Yes yes :{

I find this piece of art to be quiet a stag among men...hmmm yes :{