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Reviews for "March of the Hero"


Sounds like it should be in a game called Knights of Honor.

I'll be honest with you...

the 1st few seconds didn't quite catch my attention, but I also know not to judge anything by 1st impression...

I must admit, my 1st thought of this song was wrong...

This is a truly Phenominal piece that has touched my soul. I'm planning on using this song in a flash movie I'm creating.
I hope you like it.


This is great! Like a march into the final battle!
Just awesome.


This is awesome! What program do you use?


As the sun rises over the horizon, only the silhouette of the hero is captured by the eyes of the overwhelmingly opposing force. Though instead of the hero becoming faltered by the sight of the enemies' vast numbers, the enemy is overtaken by the display of beauty, might, and courage that can be seen regardless of only a shadow being cast before their eyes. Truly a masterpiece and I applaud you good person. You have truly seen what real music is.