Reviews for "Space"

very nice

Great thinking!

Must be really weird to watch the apocalypse from space, seeing this massive meteoroid smash violently into earth but not hearing anything (because there are no (air) molecules in space; which means sound waves have no medium and cannot be carried to you).

Is that how you came up with "...silence"?
Or did you mean there would be silence after the apocalypse, because everything/everyone would be destroyed like others have mentioned? Or both? :P

Anyway great job on this, I like the idea behind it and the somewhat minimalistic approach is just lovely.

Artpocalypse worthy

yes the explosion gives out the "end is near!" and the silence... means there are only a few organisms that is living.great concept...i like how you expressed it with only one word.i like art that has a paradox to it...O_O 10/10 5/5


but wonderful

Great Work

Playing with the shades and colours in a minimalistic desig, and still make such a contrast between them...
Also, the "...silence" gives the whole picture the final point, fitting perfect, telling a story in one word, waking the fears - probably the colours also "paint" this scenario.