Reviews for "Old School Anime Tribute"

great job

that was awesome especially if you drew all of those yourself. they werent exactly the orgional cartoons' quality artwork, but it was close. you did a great job.

One of the best Collages ever

Seriously, after viewing this, I had to give it all 10s, because it was that good. It is one of the best tributes to the old school I have ever witnessed, and Astro Boy--the one who started it all (having brought anime to the mainstream after being created by Osamu Tezuka), at the end of it, was a nice touch.

very good

but wheres lupan? where akira? wheres thundercats... now these are names i think of when i think old school, how about some OLD he man? but i must aplaud you, very very VERY nice array of anime. lol, i compleatly forgot about Legend of Kikaida... i was amazed at how well the animation was considering flash


Man most of these i never seen nor heard of, but where is robotech?

Well, that sure took me back...

Ahhh, nostalgia. Great vid man, I can tell you worked hard on it =3