Reviews for "Old School Anime Tribute"

Great job!!

But you didn't have Robotech in there.......

Great Work

Awesome job on this. You did rather well. I remember all of these anime ones. I'm not so sure if you've seen the Shounen Jump anime, but it would be cool if you can make a tribute to them. Great animes like Saint Seiya and many more. If not I'll try to do it myself...when I learn flash. Anyway, keep up the good work. I love your animation.


This was cool, i regonized several of them. Loved how Astro Boy posed at the end, it was cute!

I enjoyed this

I was overall quite impressed, especially with the music choice, it seemed to fit the flash very well. I only was disapointed that there was such a short astroboy part.


It made me remember all of the 'good' animes with crappy plots but addictable characters. I'm sad you excluded 8-Man from the clique though.