Reviews for "Old School Anime Tribute"

wow you sure like you robot anime giant or not

but no neon genesis martian successor lupin the 3rd or dragon ball (not dragon ball z, z sucks and inst clasic)
you need to see the good oes not that crap

Old school anime rocks!!

Man u know ur old school. contact me 4 some good anime.

Try reading battle vixens, trust me ul like bv.

keep up the good work.

(try makeing a flash called "modern anime" or something like that.

oh yea it rocks


For me... It`s boring and little too long, but that`s just me.

heh thta is old school....

gigantor the space age robot,
he is at your comand! woot



Where's The Wonder Three?
Where's Astro Boy?
Where's Kimba?
Where's Speed Racer?