Reviews for "Old School Anime Tribute"


I hate old school anime! I guess that might have something to do with being from a modern generation.
But this is a really good flash, and LOOONG!!!!

Long = awesome


Dude... Great to see all the old anime, I used to watch Mazinger Z all the time when I was young... o.o I just remember watching it for hours, nice job. I'll vote 5 when i done here. :D


so...awesome. wasn't the greatest looking animation I've seen, but it brought a tear to my eye to see all the great ones of old. I really liked the Battleship Yamato and Kikaider parts. I kind of expected to see Atlas in the Astro Boy one.

BTW... to smart one below my review. If you wish to hate something. Hate it. Don't go out of your way and waste other's time telling us you hate it. I'm pretty sure that the number of people that like anime outnumber the people that don't. Anime isn't going anyway anytime soon so suck it up loser. Keep your crap reviews to yourself and don't watch something when you know you won't like it genius.

Its anime...

my one earthly mission is to rid the world of anime.
expect the worst...


i got bored after the gigantor stuff i think it was the graphics they could use some help. mabe then it would be less boring!