Reviews for "Old School Anime Tribute"

not bad

it was good not too bad. BUT we coulda survived not seeing fago boy errrr...umm i mean astro boy

That was Awesome!

Man, that was great. So much work put into this.. must have taken a couple months to finish it. It looks great, and it seems like you put the most work into the mobile suit gundam one, then mazinger. Mazinger is the bomb in my opinion, I used to watch it every day. Same with Astroboy.


dude kikaider is coo

You forgot one....I think

Lupin the Third. Well it looks old anyways. Nice work though.

You should all shut up

i give you a 5 mate this is very good i was sitting back and watching it going ahaa man good times. I loved the music. the way you played it reminded me of trailers for anime but in a good way. I loved how you showed the old school stuff and to anyone here who didnt like it SOD OFF MAKE SOMETHING BETTER YOU BLOODY TWADS!!!

Keep it up mate. Just three things i missed though Robotech, Gatchaman, speed racer, and doh brain fart . Anyway it was all good