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Reviews for "Wire"


someone needs to make a game with this song as its theme. The game will be about a lone person with a pistol fending off zombies and ghosts, aliens and cockroach swarms (ok, maybe not cockroaches) and crap like that. veeeery creepy. reminds me of dead people


Whoa? It does sound like something from a video game.. odd.. makes me feel.. like im being watched, something you might find in a horror game :) good try...? If this is what you wanted it to sound like :P kk


reminds me the late 60s or wien my dad was
a teen

Sounds like Super Bomberman..

I like it a lot, though it sounds a lot like a level in Super Bomberman. I'm not sure if you meant it to be that way, so that is why I only put a 5 for originality.

It's creepy

Makes me think of some demented clown juggling chainsaws and walking across those wire things and like throwing those chainsaws into the crowd.... yeah its just creepy.