Reviews for "NG Tournament: Qtr-finals"


This should be in the #1 of 50 of all time for a week. Hurry up with the next, instead of the ...egg... you should have gotten Piko or the Peanut Butter Jelly Banana.

Great WOrk

I have thought about doing something like this in the past BUT. I wasn't gotta mess around with taking the responsibility of drawing and animating the original characters as thier authors did.You however did a great job on doing that. My 5 are given 2 u.

Fight! Fight!

Didn't have to kill off Reginold so easy. And the Egg didn't HAVE to be gutted. How did the egg and strawberry clock make it that far, anyways? Did they fight rocks and ants?

dude!!!! that was sweet

that was one hell of an animation, loved every second of it!!! i am hoping that xiaoxiao wins the whole thing, keep up the great work and rock on!

only a couples problems, otherwise great

2 things

1) you shouldv'e got the acual animators in on this, like in enter the matrix