Reviews for "NG Tournament: Qtr-finals"

Fucking grrrrrreeeeaaatttt!!!

That was bas ass man i cant wait until semi's. I would really like to see better battles not so quick but i know how hard flash is but u know shit happens.


loved it 10/10 kept me entertained i still think u should of put pico init but it was gd anyway:)

error-45207 responds:

damm... i really feel stupid saying this but im not even quite sure who Pico is...:\ lol well maybe i might need to change a few things in my next episode...lol thanks for the review and a few ppl have asked for pico


Totally excellent dude the best flash ever everything was totally awesome cant wait till Semi-Finals are out!! U got 5 votes from ME

Sneepioo's verdict

I JUST CAN't wait for the next episode...BUT Will you make other fights after you finished this..?

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was wicked cool

Hey that was really good. I know the semis are out so im gonna go watch them now.