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Reviews for "S1NT3CH episode 1"


Wow... Great - can't wait for the next one.... Is that music from Akira, or am I imagining it? :-)

s1nt3ch responds:

yes it is and the opening music is from a movie called tetsuo the iron man which also rocks


THAT WAS SOO 3D LOOKIN AND COOL, I SEE A FUTURE FRONT PAGER, also where did u get taht cool looking font

s1nt3ch responds:

try acidfonts.com or pixelfonts.com

j00 pwn

this pwnz

I think you nailed it...

... that's one hell of an intro you have there. But it can't really stand as anything other than an intro. Intriguing work, nonetheless.


Wow nice job on the Logo from the menu, Just how do u do that? With the outlines as the first layer and second layer with the linears, then mask the First layer. But how did u put in all those other small lines in?