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Reviews for "S1NT3CH episode 1"

Good, but...

Very good movie, but the replay button doesn't work... thought I'd mention that before I forget while reviewing this...

As a whole as part one of a series, I think this could have been a little longer, maybe given some exposition on why it was breaking out of the container, or introduced some more characters, etc... another thing that could have been done would to have waited until you had some more exposition on why S1nt3ch wanted to break out of the container in the first place, maybe shown a little more of what had happened prior to its breaking out...

Overall, though, it was a very visually appealing movie, and I hope to be seeing more of this series soon...


s1nt3ch responds:

thank you for the kind words more story in chapter 2 than in this one

great start!

this is a great start to a series, you leave lot's to improve on though. like adding sound effects, unless of course you want that artsy sort of feel with no music an plenty-o-action. I must say, that's some damn good animation, but the "sintech" title was a bit of overkill, with the time it took to actually see the title.

s1nt3ch responds:

thanks for your input I will consider adding more sound fx to the next , and i promise the title will be shorter next time :)


Wow... Great - can't wait for the next one.... Is that music from Akira, or am I imagining it? :-)

s1nt3ch responds:

yes it is and the opening music is from a movie called tetsuo the iron man which also rocks