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Reviews for "S1NT3CH episode 1"

Incredible graphics

Incredible 3D graphics and animation. I could tell it was going to be good just from the loading screen alone. The problem I had with this movie though was that it was way too short. It should've been longer, with some kind of plot. But like you said, it was an intro... In any case, those wicked 3D effects were enough to get me to watch it three times. Looking forward to your next one!


I was bout to give this a 5... but then it ended. So it got a 3.

Looks good

anxious to see the rest...


...but awfully short for its file size. Maybe that's due to music that isn't optimized as well as it could be? Still, what's there kicks ass, and the music's great too.

Very good start

Not much of an intro, though. I was expecting a much longer movie than that. It takes a lot more than just good graphics to make a great movie, but you still did a good job. I can't wait to see the next one.