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Reviews for "S1NT3CH episode 1"


fuk nice man i love how u created the play button and the loading screen. the colors are good too good job!

great stuff

i can't wait for the next one and i love the high quality 3d animation it almost cell shading.


Lolz, to start with, I loved the "loading>>>gnidaol" thing ^_^
The graphics were amazing, it was done very professionaly, it was short, but it was long enough to make me want to see the next episode.
Good work, and keep it up

I usually am a positive person...

But what exactly was this flash trying to show? To me is just seems like it was a simple showoff of the usage of 3d vertex plugin in the works with flash. If it was longer and perhaps had a story or anything happening this could go somewhere. But as for just an intro, or a trailer or soemthing it's good.

s1nt3ch responds:

hey thx for the comments i am going to work the story line into the second part i am thinking of making it part 1b. By the way loved ur latest movie gave u a fifen


Wow nice job on the Logo from the menu, Just how do u do that? With the outlines as the first layer and second layer with the linears, then mask the First layer. But how did u put in all those other small lines in?