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Reviews for "S1NT3CH episode 1"

I gotta admit.....

....you got some maaaaaad freakin' skills....but don't you think you should have waited until you had more to show before you submitted. I mean all that effort and building up for WHAT??

There's practically no point to it. Doesn't matter if the story's to be continued....each part of the story's supposed to hold its own. This part's too weak, even as a preliminary.....looking forward to the rest though.


Well what was shown was awsome but thats the problem. there wasnt much shown. i can tell u put alot of work into it but it lasted like 20 seconds well whatev cant wait to dsee what that cool robot does.

Nice 3d.

Good work on your 3d.This is pretty close to the best integration of 3d into Flash that I've seen (the very best being "Freak : Prelude (Ep.1)" at http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=119403 )

Very stylish and clean.
Wish I could've seen the glass shatter... oh well.
Make more!


It looked like it would be something awesome, but it wasnt. Graphics are good.

Thats it?

THIS IS VERY WELL ANIMATED!!! Im only upset that this is it! Please MAKE MORE!!! This is really awesome.