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Reviews for "the GREEN knight"


god like? very.

dommi-fresh responds:

well i dunno about god like heh heh heh

If only...

This is what a Castle Crasher knight would look like if Behemoth decided to make a 3d version of hes game on xbox lol

dommi-fresh responds:

a gta assassins creed style CC now that would be something awesome


Seriously, i am jealous. i can´t paint with watercolors.
But this is great. i´d like to have this as an action figure :D it would be great.
10 million/10 for your.

dommi-fresh responds:

yea i would like this as a toy as well that would be awesome


Honestly I do not see anything wrong with HIS left hand. rune please its pretty obvious that you need to talk about the direction where the green knight is facing or it will get confusing. Two fingers on the string and the other 2 and the thumb not on the string. Whats so wrong about that? It just looks so epic like that :]. By the way great piece of art its a thing of beauty!

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks glad you like it


i like your stile but you need to fix the hands!
i just wanna help you...
(his right hand)

dommi-fresh responds:

whats wrong with it?