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Reviews for "NG Time Trial II B"


awesome one.
hope to see more.


It's all I got to say really... nice...

it was okay

I specially liked the music of the Punished One... too bad it stopped so soon :(


regis cartoons-ok
luck of the irish-ok (awesome music though)
Az3r-well done man, i loved it, (music and all)

I thought this was a lot worse than the previous entry. I guess it's just because the animations weren't as good. I actually did like some of them. The best was probably Luis. It helps that he's the most talented artist. That's why I favorited him!

The music wasn't bad. I think the weakest was probably Regis Cartoons. It just had nothing unique at all. I know the other entries here are better. I still like how this is all set up.

Luis responds:

thank you! I always enjoy reading your reviews