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Reviews for "NG Time Trial II B"

Overall, entertaining!

First flash iv'e seen all day, and most likely the best. Obviously Luis' scene was superior but i undoubtedly enjoyed all of them. Pretty good variety. Decent music.


luis's made me laff his was by faaaaar the best! but yeh wats the problem with people not drawing arms! theyre just bendy rectangles!!!jjeeeeeez

i got bord

i was waching one of the things were he buys milk and got too bord and closed it window. but other people liked it so it must bee good so i gave it a 7.

Pretty Good...


I liked the begining music, and the music when the hobo came on. I liked the type grafics that you used. Also the message at the end was pretty funny. I give it a 8/10. Nice Work.

Regis Cartoons:

I dint like the graphics as much as the other cartoons, but still with its charm. The Outkast music didn't fit in that well, but the Prince music was in the perfect place, even though the girl definantly wasn't the most beutiful girl in the world. I had some prolems with the ending (my comp. froze and I had to restart to watch the others) so I never saw the end just in case it was the flash. Overall it was just O.K. Ill give it a 7/10. Pretty good, but did he really have to be naked?!?!

Luck of the Irish:

I never watched his one. I was still sketchy about the last one...
There for I give it a 5/10

Punished One:

To me it was just another bad madness flash. The graphics suck and there was no plot. 4/10


Why does he want milk so much!? Other wise, it was pretty cool. I wish I was old enough to have guns! Overall, Ill give it a 5.9/10

Hobos love cookies...

Rofl Luis's was the best, the surfing one was "meh" and the rest blow.