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Reviews for "NG Time Trial II B"

All my 5 R belong to Luis

BWA HA HA HA HA. Luis, that was the best thing ever. I like the Newgrounds Time Trials, they usually provide outstanding flashes, and authors shortcomings are made up by the outstanding abilities of other authors.

Graphics: 9 because they were really good graphics on all of them.

Style: 10 because of the style of all the flashes being unique and good, plus the overall style (the Time Trials concepts is really cool)

Sound: 10, especially for Luis' flash, the sound was just perfectly synced to the short.

Violence: 10, mainly because of Az3r's flash, not too much to explain here.

Interactivity: 9 because each flash was interconnected well and all included back to main as well as replay buttons and anything else they wanted to add.

Humor: 10... Luis' was hilarious, and the others were good as well.

Overall a definite 10 and a 5 for the vote.

I'd love to do one of these things someday, but I've just started to really learn how to do flash, and none of the movies I have are finished so I haven't submitted anything yet, or even begun to be good at flash.

>_< ZzZzZzZzZzZz

some of them were boring but the best one was Luis



Good Job all of you!

Alright, it be hard to admit one winner... so I'll give my opinions instead since i have a golden ass, therefor its worth more.

Luis: Cons: Don't know why, but I got bored of the music... strange. Nothing really against you, but for some reason I closed it when I heard the opening music....

Pro: FUNNY ending. I give you that, I wasn't expecting it, and it made me laugh.

Regis: Con: Just a minor thing, but I was hoping for your dual colored eye man to be the main guy. Also, the ending was sadily, a cliche. I was counting down the number til he was ether hit by a ship, or eaten by a shark. (Which I thought would happen).

Pro: You stood by your original animations, which I am a fan of. Also, the drooling of the pretty girl was pretty funny. This flash also made me laugh.

Luckoftheirish: ... All I can say is .... HUH??? Nice animation... but... HUH?????

PunishedOne: I can't help but think you were trying to kiss up to Mr. Fulp or something with this mockry of Pico. Even had the same tone of animation. Sorry, but I'm starting to dislike mockries or parodies that don't give credit where its due.

Az3r: Wow. Good animation. Love the shooting of the clock.

The cons are... Well, frankly I'm a Sales Clerk... So I was taken aback by the shooting. If you work retail you be surprise how many people forget money and ask to pay later, only to never show up again, or if they do show back up, conviently forget they owe money.

As for a winner, I'll Say Mr_Luis, with Regis Cartoons as a close second.


Nicely well done. These flash animations were great. 10 out of 10. Just hope you guys will make another one again one day.