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Reviews for "NG Time Trial II B"


It's all I got to say really... nice...

it was okay

i liked mr_luis' work the best. good style, nice grafix, and pretty funny by my standards. and hey, thx for the msg : hobos love cookies. man, if i had a dime for everytime that happened to me, i'd have.... lots of dimes

I like this idea

Where is stamper though? Him and luis are by far among the best newgrounds flash artists out there. They think of the funniest shit (like eddie, the dog video that luis made ect). We need Stamper to make a video so this shit can actually be good.

the only video i really didn't like was punishedone's, it really sucked.


regis cartoons-ok
luck of the irish-ok (awesome music though)
Az3r-well done man, i loved it, (music and all)

Go az3r you rock!