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Reviews for "NG Time Trial II B"


Luis stomps all of your guyses movies!

>_< ZzZzZzZzZzZz

some of them were boring but the best one was Luis

All my 5 R belong to Luis

BWA HA HA HA HA. Luis, that was the best thing ever. I like the Newgrounds Time Trials, they usually provide outstanding flashes, and authors shortcomings are made up by the outstanding abilities of other authors.

Graphics: 9 because they were really good graphics on all of them.

Style: 10 because of the style of all the flashes being unique and good, plus the overall style (the Time Trials concepts is really cool)

Sound: 10, especially for Luis' flash, the sound was just perfectly synced to the short.

Violence: 10, mainly because of Az3r's flash, not too much to explain here.

Interactivity: 9 because each flash was interconnected well and all included back to main as well as replay buttons and anything else they wanted to add.

Humor: 10... Luis' was hilarious, and the others were good as well.

Overall a definite 10 and a 5 for the vote.

I'd love to do one of these things someday, but I've just started to really learn how to do flash, and none of the movies I have are finished so I haven't submitted anything yet, or even begun to be good at flash.


another boring timetrial if it weren't for luis, i laughed my ass off, and number 5 by Az3r would have been funnier if it said GOT MILK? at the end.


but it wasnt less than 1mb :P