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Reviews for "NG Time Trial II B"


Hahha, good shit as always. This time the screen resolution was smaller and I didn't really like that. Easier to make though, true. I enjoy watching every and single one of these time trials. Who came up with the idea of a time trial anyways? That guy is genius!! I can't wait for the next one to come out!


hobos love cookies...hahaa i laughed soo hard!
loved it! +9

regis....didnt like it...bad drawings, (y was he naked?) surfing was way 2 long n made me really bored...+4

luck of the irish..very interesting tho i didnt quite understand it...+7

punished one... very pointless n bad animation...+4

az3r...just cuz he 4got his money n tried 2 get free milk...he killed someone...oh yeah...makes perfect sense 2 me.......+4

Pretty Good...


I liked the begining music, and the music when the hobo came on. I liked the type grafics that you used. Also the message at the end was pretty funny. I give it a 8/10. Nice Work.

Regis Cartoons:

I dint like the graphics as much as the other cartoons, but still with its charm. The Outkast music didn't fit in that well, but the Prince music was in the perfect place, even though the girl definantly wasn't the most beutiful girl in the world. I had some prolems with the ending (my comp. froze and I had to restart to watch the others) so I never saw the end just in case it was the flash. Overall it was just O.K. Ill give it a 7/10. Pretty good, but did he really have to be naked?!?!

Luck of the Irish:

I never watched his one. I was still sketchy about the last one...
There for I give it a 5/10

Punished One:

To me it was just another bad madness flash. The graphics suck and there was no plot. 4/10


Why does he want milk so much!? Other wise, it was pretty cool. I wish I was old enough to have guns! Overall, Ill give it a 5.9/10



Very nice use of music, I LOVED your artwork. Of course you really never have bad artwork, but something seemed special in this. Great ending, it had me surprised. 9/10

Regis Cartoons:

I liked your character design, the nudity factor caught me off guard. You had some great music in there, and it all seemed to fit. At first, I thought the girl would be an amputee or something like that... but I guess she was not the joke. Good work, 8/10

Luck of the Irish:

I love it when an author tells the story of a song through flash artwork. I liked the song a lot, very fast paced, who did the music? 7.5/10

Punished One:

I liked the idea, a tally of deaths, very short. I would really work on the artwork. It shows promise, good luck. 6/10


I would of liked ot of had voices compared to text bubbles, but they will do. Nice background artwork, the character designs were not bad either. Just work a little more on them. 6.5/10

I know that everyone worked under a certain time limit, and I think you all did a really good job. Keep up the good work, you can only improve.


That was cool...

besides that surfer one, that kinda sucked. Az3r was awsome, I just want to know what song that was. Luis that was great though!!