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Reviews for "NG Time Trial II B"

shorter time limit, better menu

Mr. Luis- Hillariously crazy and sudden, And totaly true. 9

Regis Cartoons- The lack of good audio is very notable. Considerate animation for the time given though not very funny. 7

luckoftheirish- Nice animation to match music. Good and simple graphics. 8

Punishedone- Cheap animation,Awful Audio, I'm sure you could have put in some more time because this is less than a days,no hours,work. 2

Az3r- Nicely drawn for 72 hours. Some good healthy violence and telling viewers to drink milk, what else do you need? 8

This was the greatest idea to hit NG...

Seriously, a flash consisting of 5 top flash artists with an added challenge with the timeline...Great Stuff. I love Luis' work in Till Death Do Us Part so when I saw this and Luis was there, along with some other great flash artists (Excluding luckoftheirish, haha, just kidding), I was really excited to see what you would come up with. But why is this one so different then the first, the first one had that site thinger with the question box thing? But Anyway, awesome job!


The only good movie was the one with the hobo and the cookies.

So basically..

This is just a round up of cartoons made quickly ergo they are shitty? Like.. cause they were? This is a real smart idea. (That's sarcasm by the way)


Its hard to review multiple movies bla bla bla

Awesome graphics&animation as always, a bit too short, still VERY good, the best of all 5.

Cool style, nice cartoon graphics, pretty good sound

Nice feeling to it, cool animation

No offence, but this was the worst of the 5... It didn't really make much sense, and the graphics and animation were slightly below average...

Props on the frame by frame animation and the sound.