Reviews for "Zebra Racing"


i'll proly sound like a loser but man thats tough...i just get blown outta the water every single time...man.

What do you expect of us??

First off, you have to hit the keys at a super-human speed, the nitros are hard to activate when your pressing the keys like that, and the nitros don't really do to much. And ZEBRAS??? sorry man.

Pretty bad

But not the worst. You must not have played a lot of games pimp, cuz there are some games here that will make you want to kill the people who made them.


it was boring and in need of serious help.

holy crap

That sucked! That was so borign and insanely hard. I'd rather eat meatloaf than play this again! You made it way too hard to beat the computer. It wasn't fun at all. Also, I hate games where you just press two buttons rapidly to try and win tohugh you almost never do.