Reviews for "Zebra Racing"

Good Concept

Good start, but here is what you need to do.
1) Make it a bit easier
2) Make more levels
3) Add some sounds, like hooves
4) Choose your rider/zebra
5) Longer track
6) Different music on the other levels
7) At least 5 zebras racing at a time

Then the game would kick more ass than 95% of the stuff here.

wtf was that

look, this game is impossible, annoying, and short with very little talent, work and time put into it. that pretty much sums it up, and what the hell were u smokin when u were makin this game? racing zebras with nitro going at impossible speeds? u might say this is a good "creative piece of work", but its crap. and since im feelin a little nice today, i will give u a 5. nuff said

nice try

but a lil too... um... wierd... you might wanna make the Ready Get set GO thing a lil faster.. all in all very unique...

btw dont be discouraged by what Duct_Tape_Wallet said.. hes some filipino jerk wannabe black man who listens to blink 182 and jimmy eat world... FOBtastic!

That sucked... sorry

Not a huge fan of that game right there. Try to better next time.


I tried like 20x to win and I finaly did, the games pretty gay though.