Reviews for "Zebra Racing"

Clean-looking work.

Unfortunately, games which require you to mindlessly beat on your controller or keyboard weren't any fun for the Atari 2600, and they aren't any fun now.

Maybe you could have the zebras running across grassland, and rather than hammering away to determine their speed, you could control their stripes somewhat. There is a lion chasing both zebras, and the zebra which is slower to blend in will get caught and eaten.

An odd suggestion, sure, but I don't like to criticise nice work without offering some alternative.

Beast0 responds:

Matter of opinion, Track & Field pulled it off ;) I appreciate your feedback, even if your idea makes me suspiscious that one may be taking too many drugs.

iight i guess

for the person who said this don't know why you say it's STILL easy he said is it still to easy not that it is easy lol but ya harder alot

nice try

but a lil too... um... wierd... you might wanna make the Ready Get set GO thing a lil faster.. all in all very unique...

btw dont be discouraged by what Duct_Tape_Wallet said.. hes some filipino jerk wannabe black man who listens to blink 182 and jimmy eat world... FOBtastic!

That sucked... sorry

Not a huge fan of that game right there. Try to better next time.


I tried like 20x to win and I finaly did, the games pretty gay though.