Reviews for "Zebra Racing"

dam bro ...this game is hard

mah goodness...i played it once and mah hands and arms were killing...ha ha...this game is hard...i had dah guy beat...and all of a sudden he gained speed out of nowhere...and im not sure how tah use the nitro...if u could respond to this and let me know...cause i use it...but it just slows me down...

Good game...

It is possible to beat! If you use nitro right when the race starts you get a huge boost of speed. The reason I gave it a 6 was because of the lack of levels, there was only 1 race to compete in...


Is it possible to win this game and be placed 1st. I don't think it is possible, I nearly broken my keyboard pressing left and right.


Good job, I liked it except that it took forever. But Zebra riding is now my favorite sport.

Good Concept

Good start, but here is what you need to do.
1) Make it a bit easier
2) Make more levels
3) Add some sounds, like hooves
4) Choose your rider/zebra
5) Longer track
6) Different music on the other levels
7) At least 5 zebras racing at a time

Then the game would kick more ass than 95% of the stuff here.